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Gloucestershire Homeseeker

Gloucestershire Homeseeker is the choice based lettings (CBL) system run by the six Gloucestershire councils in partnership with most of the housing associations in the county.

There is a very high demand for affordable housing in Gloucestershire. Only those in the highest housing need, who have a local connection to the area are likely to be housed through the scheme.

How Homeseeker works

To apply for social housing anywhere in Gloucestershire, you need to complete an online application form to register. You can then check the weekly adverts of available homes and bid for any that interest you.

There are five easy steps to using Gloucestershire Homeseeker:

Step 1

How to register

Step 2

Banding and priority bands

Step 3

How to view new homes

Step 4

Bidding for a home

Step 5

Offers and appointments

Further Information

Download our Step-by-step scheme guide.



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