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Moving home

We know that things change – some households get bigger while others get smaller.

You can move to another social rented home either by mutual exchange or transfer.

A mutual exchange is where you swap with another tenant. A transfer is where you move to an available empty home.

Gloucestershire Homeseeker

You would need to complete an online application form to register with the scheme. You will then check the weekly adverts of available properties and 'bid' on any that you are interested in. 

See our step-by-step guide and frequently asked questions about the Gloucester Homeseeker Choice Based Lettings Scheme.  

Even if you choose this option we also strongly recommend that you register for HOMESWAP which is explained below.

Please select this link for further information 


This option will allow you to swap your home with another tenant providing that you meet our criteria and have been given permission to move. We strongly recommend that you consider this option as it is often the quickest way to move.

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Help to move from a large home to a smaller one

Select this link for information about how we can help you to move to more suitable smaller accommodation through our Incentive to Move Scheme. 

Letting people know you are moving

Finally, when you have arranged a move with our permission, there are always a multitude of things to do including arranging removals, learning more about the are you are moving to and informing a whole host of people that you have moved.

We will do all we can to help make the process of moving as easy and painless as possible.

Select this link for information about ending your tenancy and letting people know you are moving

Other ways of moving home

Select this link for information about the Homebuy Direct Shared Equity Scheme